Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary

Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary

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    Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary

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    2015 - Current

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    New Zealand

Voted New Zealand’s Number 1 Golf Course.
Although many may find sanctuary on a golf course, it is rare to find a golf course that is a working sanctuary. New Zealand's Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary is considered to be a world first! The ecological restoration is the first of its kind in New Zealand and was prompted by golf course owner Gary Lane’s desire to create a unique environment where golf and the natural habitat could work in harmony.
Traff1k D1g1tal optimised Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary's Search Engine Marketing and created a stunning, visually appealing, responsive website, where the strong use of photography and video has been able to bring Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary to life.  The website appears clean, tidy and very user friendly, while the members login area caters for a more in-depth user experience – providing membership profile information, membership renewal, a course booking system and much more.

Driving an ecological canvas into an online sensation. Transferring the natural tranquility and beauty of the wild through the use of photography and videos, capturing New Zealand’s Number 1 Golf Course.

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