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    2014 - Current

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Sofitel Hotels & Resorts have been the symbol of French elegance in luxury hospitality since 1964. Sofitel only collaborates with the very best architects, hotel designers and interior decorators to bring each hotel’s personal story to life, while being a tribute to new French elegance, allure and refinement. 
Sofitel staff are renowned as ambassadors of the French ‘art de vivre’. Doing everything in their power to make sure your stay is truly ‘magnifique’, guests experience that rare feeling of being relaxed and comfortable at home, while enjoying the luxury of being somewhere completely new. 


When it came to ensuring magnifique digital results, Sofitel naturally chose Traff1k D1g1tal to refine their Organic Search & Social Media strategies, by targeting high intent and high demand keywords. Sofitel Hotels & Resorts has since been enjoying the luxury of soaring numbers of online sessions, inspiring an increase in direct bookings and revenue. As the French would say - Voilà, tu as trouvé la solution à ton problème!

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