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With over 400 hotels spanning across 60 different countries within the heart of the world’s key city centers; Novotel has built a relaxed hotel brand where everyone feels free to live as they want. Whether visiting as a family or solo, on vacation or work, from Montreal to Jakarta; everything at Novotel has been designed to help you feel at home and find your way around. As they say – “It’s a lot better at Novotel”.
Traff1k D1g1tal and Novotel have digitally partnered for the purpose of increasing discretionary website traffic, driving direct reservations and reducing commissions payable to OTA’s.


Through engaging in Organic Search Engine Marketing and assisting with the expanding world of Social Media, Novotel’s customers can relax, book direct and sink into the comfort of their rooms. When it comes to the pleasures of accessing the digital world, the team at Traff1k D1g1tal is making things a whole lot better.

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