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Ibis Hotels


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    Ibis Hotel

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    Travel & Accommodation

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    2017 - Current

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For those who love that extra touch, ibis Hotels are the place where ‘comfort and service’ are absolute watchwords. From new, innovative bedding to super-comfortable, well-equipped and modern designed rooms, ibis offers one of the highest levels of service in the industry with 24-hour reception, breakfast from 4:00 am to midday, light meals served round the clock, and a non-stop bar.
With more than 1000 ibis Hotels in 64 countries, ibis certainly has the hotel that you are looking for, whatever the reason for your stay. It’s no wonder that they are the European hotel economic leader.

Traff1k D1g1tal have partnered with ibis Hotels to optimise their customers’ digital online experience, making it modern, comfortable, and as innovative as the hotels themselves.

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