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    Helen Kaminski

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    Australia & USA

From humble beginnings thirty-five years ago, the Helen Kaminski brand has grown from one style in one colour in one season in one country, to hundreds of styles across all seasons in many colours, distributed around the world.
The diverse year-round headwear brand is featured in luxury department stores and boutiques in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, the USA, Japan and Korea, as well as Helen Kaminski brand stores in Sydney and Tokyo and in high end resorts globally. Worn by celebrities world-wide, Helen Kaminski has become famous as a luxury accessories brand focused on authenticity, design and innovation.

Our partnership with Helen Kaminski is based on a similar story. Growing our partnership from humble beginnings with a focus on authenticity, design and innovation, Traff1k D1g1tal is speedily positioning Helen Kaminski in new marketplaces across the world at the ‘drop of the hat’.

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