Why it’s Vital to Choose the Right Name for Your Facebook Page

25 August, 2015    |    Social Media    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

While this may sound simple to many, the unfortunate truth is that more and more business Facebook pages are being named incorrectly. The facts are that picking the correct name is one of the most important steps when it comes to optimising your brand on the Facebook platform. 

Understanding the effects of picking the correct / incorrect name is vital to determining the best page name. 

Incorrect Page Naming 
Random example: Gayle Aspden - 'Your Local Agent - Because Results Count'

We can see & understand the temptation to incorrectly name your fan page with lots of words, like "Your Local Agent - Because Results Count." The reality is having a name like this can not only reduce your viral growth rate inside Facebook, but it may also be too spammy, resulting in fans who are less likely to engage with your page or share your posts and updates with their friends. 

Correct Page Naming 

Suggested example of correcting the page name: 

- Gayle Aspden – Harcourts Birkenhead
- Gayle Aspden – Harcourts Cooper & Co
- Gayle Aspden – Harcourts Cooper & Co Birkenhead 

As you can see above we have listed 3 solutions that would work when choosing the correct page name: Some background information on Gayle Aspden will also assist you in understanding why we have suggested the correct page names: 

Gayle: Real Estate Agent in Birkenhead a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand - trading under Cooper & Co Real Estate which is part of the real estate group Harcourts New Zealand. 

How did we come up with the suggested correct page names? As a real estate agent, firstly you trade under your brand & name. Following this you normally have a location based franchise that falls under a national or international real estate brand, in this case the location franchise is Cooper & Co & the international real estate brand is Harcourts. 

Why would we suggest “Gayle Aspden – Harcourts Birkenhead”? Following the reasoning above we have hit on all the key points in naming a page; agents name, local brand alignment (location) and international real estate brand alignment. 

Why did we suggest 3 possible correct page names? Depending on the agent – he or she may not want to be limited to trade within the suburb of Birkenhead, however the Cooper & Co brand is well known as the dominating real estate franchise on Auckland’s North Shore, thus the other suggested page names include “Cooper & Co”. 

So what should you call your page? Based on the reasoning above, follow this guide & you should get close to picking the correct page name: 

Where do you fit in your industry? Overall brands – franchise office – individual representative?
What brand do you represent?  
Where do you operate? From a franchise – office – town – suburb – state – country. 

Finally, if you still can’t come up with a solution to naming your page, contact the social media team at Traff1k D1g1tal for a free consolation on how to get the best results when naming your page!

Nick Hollows
Social Media