What is a Facebook relevancy score and how does it affect me?

28 August, 2018    |    Social Media    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

I’m going to start with a very simple statement on this one; the higher your relevancy score, the less your ads cost to run.

Facebook's relevancy score is essentially an assessment of how well your Facebook ad performs. So how does it work? Well once your ad has reached 500 impressions (the number of times that your ad was on a screen), Facebook will score it on a ranking of 1-10 - this number more-or-less tells you how well your ad is being received by the target audience.

According to Facebook, an ad's score is calculated by using positive and negative feedback; simply put, if your ad has positive interactions your score will be higher. On the flip side, if more people hide or report your ad, your score is going to be lower.

So why, other than money, does this score matter to you?

It’s actually a great way to measure the success of your ads. If your target audience is engaging with your ad via likes, shares, comments, and actually clicking on your ad, well then you know that it’s doing what it’s meant to do, which in turn it gives you an insight in to how your ad creative needs to be going forward.

The flip side of this is how Facebook rewards and penalises for their own benefit. If an ad is disagreeable to Facebook users and causes annoyance, it opens up the door for the user to potentially move to another social platform, which obviously they don’t want. So, if your ads are relevant and produce positive engagement from the users, Facebook will reward you by charging you less for your ads. However, if your ads are grinding people’s gears, Facebook will sting you a higher fee for your ads.

So what is a good score? A decent score is anything over 7. If you are achieving this then you’re doing pretty well. If your score starts dipping down below 5 then you really should be reassessing your life decisions ... ok that’s maybe a bit dramatic, but you need to review your ad quite seriously.

Managing all of this is part of what we do at Traff1k. While putting an ad on Facebook isn’t the most difficult thing in the world to do, ensuring that ad is reaching your target audience and is getting positive interaction requires a little more skill, experience, and industry knowledge.

We have run hundreds, if not thousands of successful ad campaigns for our clients. When I say success, we determine that not just by the ROI or amount of revenue generated from that ad, but also in the way we have been able to manage the cost of the ad by giving focus to the relevancy score of it. It’s fairly obvious that keeping your costing down on any campaign is going to help increase your bottom line, so why would anyone not want to do that?

If you’d like to learn more about Facebook relevancy scores or how we can help you in managing social media campaigns, simply get in touch with us.