Take the Digital Marketing Performance Test

1 September, 2015    |    Digital Strategy    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

Well executed digital marketing strategies are an essential foundation to your business’s online marketing success. Traff1k D1g1tal are experts in creating well-planned digital marketing strategies that will allow your business to take full advantage of the range of opportunities on the internet by clearly defining your vision, goals and available initiatives.

Your business may already have some of the elements of a basic digital strategy in place, for instance: a website, Search Engine Marketing, email marketing, Facebook or Twitter, but are they all working effectively in synergy to achieve your overall business goals?

1. Search Engine Marketing

There is no point in having the best website in the world, if no one can find it in Google.

How does your website perform in Google Adwords/Pay Per Click?

How does your website perform in Google Organic Search?

2. Website Development

Do your website visitors come to your website and leave straight away?

Does your website persuade visitors to make an enquiry, reservation or otherwise?

Is your website development strategy reaching your goals?

Is your website design performing best for your business and visitors?

3. Social Media Marketing / Consumer Generated Media

To be effective, Social Media Marketing requires a fresh, innovative, customer-focussed approach that complements and supports your overall digital marketing strategy.

How does your Social Media Strategy perform compared to industry standard best practice?


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