Stunning New Workplace in Auckland, New Zealand

22 September, 2016    |    Traff1k    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

Traff1k D1g1tal has moved into a stunning new workplace in Auckland to support its rapid growth and business objectives.

Spanning Level 6 in a beautiful Auckland CBD building, Trace Beaumont-Orr of Décor Design was entrusted with maintaining the company’s brand identity and to achieve a host of key objectives: To strengthen the social culture of the organisation, to foster greater collaboration, and to promote healthy ways of working. The new space also needed to support the attraction of the industry’s best talent, and allow for future growth.

A sense of discovery, excitement, and adventure is conveyed from the moment you walk into the space.  The reception desk is playfully designed by Mal Corby Design; a new social hub engages staff with a gathering space for functions, informal presentations and other events.  The workplace is a flexible hybrid of workstations, collaborative hubs and small nooks to foster creativity and connection.

The design team worked hard to ensure the new interior respected the building.  The outcome references legacy elements including exposed original concrete, beams and ceiling details including acoustically treated concrete ceilings.

The new location is ideal for a world-class company with an international footprint.  It is well-situated and conveniently accessible for both staff and clients.  It is an inspirational workplace that’s a destination in itself.

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