Some Serious Digital Changes #KeepUp

30 April, 2015    |    Digital Strategy    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

#KeepUp - There is so much going on in the fast paced digital world, it’s hard to keep up! Being at the forefront of social media changes with everything else on your plate can feel like you're running on a very fast treadmill. That’s why we track all of the changes for you. Traff1k stays up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends to ensure our clients are ahead of the pack. Below we’ve collected a list of the past few month’s most crucial changes.

1. Facebook No Longer Shares Organic Posts

Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free by posting to your Facebook page. A recent update to Facebook newsfeeds now filters these posts and this in turn sent shockwaves through the Facebook world. As the final nail in the coffin for organic reach is hammered in, Traff1k is full steam ahead with innovative new solutions to reach higher engagement.

Is this change going to affect your social media marketing? Yes and no. We have known since December 2013 that the game was changing to pay to play, it’s always been about working with the changes.

Our advice is - Invest in paid advertising strategically with your best promotional content & campaigns. Facebook still offers the most targeted advertising available, so a well-executed social media strategy can drive guaranteed results and measure them to ensure you’re getting a ROI.

2. Facebook News Feed Settings

Finally – we can control what we want to see on our Facebook newsfeeds! We asked and Facebook listened, users can now easily unfollow and re-follow people, pages and groups. More specifically you can now control the amount and type of content you see in your News Feed.

3. Terms & Policies updated

This usually wouldn’t be worthy of mentioning but the fact is Facebook is actually making some effort here. Recently implementing an interactive guide to help answer most of the commonly asked questions about how information is used and controlled. There is also a feature to access this information in 36 different languages.

These new policy updates better reflect how they collect and use location information, specific to each feature used. This is a crucial piece of the targeted marketing puzzle.

4. Instagram Ads Have Officially Arrived

As much as we don’t want to accept this change, we all saw it coming. New sponsored images and video ads have started appearing on newsfeeds for the first time. Initially, the paid ads are only available to “a handful of specially selected brands”. But we have our eye on this space because the Instagram community will be a great way to promote our clients products & branding.

Instagram is seen as Facebooks strongest competitor due to its impressive adoption rate and increasing cultural engagement. Visual marketing is set to be a main trend in 2015, because images appeal to emotions, they strike a chord and resonate across all demographics. We constantly follow Instagram as a marketing platform to stay on top of trends, adopting it as an ongoing practice.

5. You Can Now Edit Instagram Captions after Posting

After the frequent requests for this feature, it has finally been implemented. Now there is no need to delete entire posts if you’ve made a typo or didn’t like how you phrased a particular post, you simply use the “Edit” option beneath your image.


with the digital world is what we do best! The continuing flow of digital developments helps us build a richer picture & effective digital marketing strategies!