SalesForce World Tour 2018

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

27 March, 2018    |    Events    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

This year's Salesforce World Tour was a whirlwind of knowledge, education, and inspiration, bringing together like-minded individuals who want to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. This action-packed day featured thousands of Trailblazers exploring five floors of the ICC, with 125+ sessions, keynote speakers, shared stories from AMP, Adidas, 21st Century Fox, Mercer, Starlight, and much more. Covering topics from Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, IT for all different types of industries, we were dripping with information. If you couldn’t attend, you’re able to watch all the footage on the Salesforce website, but if you’re strapped for time here are a few insights we learned during the conference that we’re itching to share with you.

The biggest featured topic was the wave of revolution that is upon us, termed: The 4th Industrial Revolution, shared by Executive Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing, Stephanie Buscemi. This new phase is merging the physical and digital worlds, blurring the lines and creating opportunities for new innovation and technology that will transform our economies, societies, and lives. With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses, now more than ever, have access to a wider range of tools and technology like predicative data that is set to revolutionise the way business is conducted in the future.

Consumers are now connected 24/7 from a multitude of different devices, meaning that businesses are expected to be just as connected and smart as their customers. However, Salesforce has found that 59% of companies lack Fourth Industrial Revolution capabilities to successfully execute this demand. In order to grow and succeed in this new digital age, businesses need to be proactive, offer a more personalised approach, and connect on all different platforms.

Did you know that 75% of customers expect a consistent experience everywhere…?

Below are a few statistics to consider on how to blaze new trails to customer success:

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