Retail Search Engine Marketing

19 November, 2015    |    SEO    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

If you are in retail and take online marketing seriously, then Search Engine Marketing should be top of mind; driving people to your website who are looking specifically for your products.

We recommend taking a split approach;

1. Organic Search Engine Marketing

Ensuring your website ranks highly for demand driven keywords in Google organic.  This is a long term strategy and should drive between 40-70% of your entire website traffic.  This is typically your most cost effective form of marketing with the best return on investment.

2. Google Adwords/Pay Per Click

Where you are not ranking highly for organic keywords, paying Google to rank.  Additionally, running dynamic ads based on your business strategy, for example, if you have 30% off handbags this week, we would look to leverage this through ad script and targeting – driving people who are specifically looking for handbags through to your website.  This should drive between 20-40% of your entire website traffic.

The culmination of the two above can produce some phenomenal results and drive massive sales through your retail website.

Recently, Traff1k D1g1tal commenced the above strategy for leading Australian retailer Oroton.  The results for Organic Search Engine Marketing at this very early stage are evident with strong traffic and revenue growth.

With Google Adwords now online and Organic Search Engine Marketing to get stronger over the coming weeks and months, we are starting to see results go through the roof!

If you are in retail and need to improve your sales, contact one of our friendly team.