Quality Content and its importance to your business

9 July, 2018    |    Marketing    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

The message is coming through loud and clear from the powers that be at Google, intentionally or not, and that message is that content is, not only king, but key.

SEO has changed significantly over the past several years, no longer can SEOs get away with some of the old, somewhat shifty dealings previously used to have your website ranking highly. The fact is some of the legit methods are now starting to fall by the wayside as Google algorithms continually change, and now prioritising quality content is in its ranking factors.

Previously, content marketing was just a way to set yourself apart from the competition, but now days it is a necessity if you want to be competitive. It’s not like content marketing is a new concept, in fact most companies have been producing content for digital marketing purposes for a while, such as their Twitter or Facebook posts, they just may not have realised it, or at least realised that’s what it’s called.

This is where the key component comes in though, and that key is quality. Anyone can pump out post after post of stuff that no one is interested in, or worse, is just plain nonsense. Quality content does a number of things for your business, not only does it help on the SEM side of things, but perhaps one of the most underestimated elements is its strength in lead generation.

It seems obvious, and it really is, but the thing that is often brushed over is the fact that if you are putting out engaging, informative, quality content, you will be enhancing your brand reputation, not just in popularity but also in trust and its legitimacy. Often companies get so caught up in the idea that they need to be posting every day that they lose sight of the reason for those posts.

For example, if you are a construction company, posting a meme each day thinking your audience will find it funny (and they may well do) is not going to drive traffic to your website or give people confidence in your products or, more importantly, your brand.

As I sit and write this, I am thinking to myself “is every piece of content I write for our clients quality?” and ... the answer is ... I’d sure like to think so, hence my role in our company as the Content Writer is to produce quality content.