Periscope your business with the new "it" App

17 September, 2015    |    Social Media    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

People like the idea of being a fly on the wall, inside gossip, staying involved and feeling informed. Periscope offers your customers all of the above and more, as part of a rare VIP experience. It is the new, easy, fast and affordable way to communicate with your followers in real-time.

The live-stream video app is owned by the social media giant, Twitter. Already proving a hit with celebrities, media personalities and even politicians an impressive 40 years’ worth of videos are broadcast on Periscope daily.

Grow Your Digital Strategy

The app has become the talk of the technology town because it is an innovative approach to reaching your audience! For those businesses who already embrace Social Media as a central part of their digital strategy, you’ll appreciate the importance of pushing out promotional materials to solidify relationships and cultivate advocates. Add live streaming in to your strategy and showcase a whole new way of sharing content!

Endless Opportunities

Live broadcast videos from all across the globe mean your followers can switch from watching a real-estate auction live in Auckland, to happy hour at an exclusive Sydney bar.

Why not live stream your latest sales meeting and connect with your customers in a personal way. Or organise a live Q&A session with your followers to humanise your brand.

You could live-stream a tour around your office, or offer an inside look at how a product is made to strengthen customers trust in your brand! And because a still photo never fully captures a new product, demonstrate your newest releases on your Periscope stream. 

If you've got a problem, gather all your customers with the similar problem through an email and ask them to join you on Periscope to establish an emotional connection.

The list of possibilities goes on and on, and on... So if you want to grow your business, your brand, or know more about Periscope - talk to the experts. We are full of creative ideas and we’re ready to listen.