.nz Domain Name: Advantages, Disadvantages & Myths

30 April, 2015    |    Development    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

Many of you have been asking whether you should purchase a new .nz domain name for your business (reference), we have been had numerous questions and requests to purchase the new .nz domain name.


- Secure your brand (e.g. yourname.nz) so that your competitors do not take it.
- Secure any .nz variations of your current .co.nz domain names.
- It is shorter to type in, when compared with .co.nz.


- Google can only associate 1 website with 1 domain name.  Your existing domain name (e.g. yourname.co.nz) has greater longevity in Google and will get better results in a Google search VS registering a new .nz domain name or any other TLD domain name.  TLD domain names will not give you an advantage in Google search.

As this is a country specific domain name, we recommend that you register your brand related domain name.  For example, if you have the domain name yourname.co.nz at the moment, we recommend you register yourname.nz as well.  This is to ensure the protection of your brand only and protect your internet presence in the future.

Traff1k can;

- Submit your .nz domain name to be registered for 12 months in your legal company’s name.
- Point the domain name to your existing website or .co.nz domain name when it is purchased.
- Establish the domain name so that it does not conflict with your existing domain name and Google rankings.

If you would like Traff1k to register your .nz domain name for you, contact us.