MagentoLive Australia 2018

Insights into the Future of Commerce

12 March, 2018    |    Events    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

Magento, the leading open-source e-commerce platform, held an exclusive MagentoLive Australia conference, offering the opportunity to connect with eCommerce and technology experts from across the country. Featuring industry leaders, trailblazers and Magento executives providing insights on the latest tools, and tips to prepare your business for the future.

The Future of Commerce starts here.

Held over two days in the bustling Sydney CBD, our developer Ash was lucky enough to attend the conference and provide a few highlights of his experience and what’s to come for Magento.

With back-to-back keynote speakers, a variety of upcoming changes were discussed, from within Magento as well as for the industry as a whole. A big focus was transforming your business from M1 to M2, and we were provided with an overall roadmap of the Magento 2 platform. The speakers introduced us to a new and upcoming web technology, and gave us insight on how to increase sales by leveraging the Magento platform across both online and physical stores.

The most impacting technology discussed at MagentoLive Australia was Progressive Web Applications. PWAs are cross-platform web applications that load and are discovered similar to web pages or websites, but appear on the user’s device like traditional applications or native mobile apps. PWAs work offline, can be added to the device’s home screen without downloading from an app store, and bring “system level integration” to the web - for example, PWAs can utilise Push Notifications. Magento is set to introduce PWAs, along with PWA Studio, to the Magento 2 platform later this year - “In a year, PWAs will be where responsive is today”.

Another standout presentation, was about the Four R’s –

  • Right Message
  • Right Person
  • Right Time
  • Right Channel

Tink Taylor, the Founder and President of dotmailer, explained the importance of context when interacting with customers, and being able to connect with customers on any platform. Stressing the importance of messaging services like Facebook Messenger, and how useful they can be to a business. His company looked into the top 100 United States and Australian companies, and they were able to come back with some very impressive statistics.

Did you know that 95% of companies do not send a welcome email to customers, even though 70% of customers want one?

Or that 89% of consumers want to use a messaging service to contact a business?

Ash was extremely impressed by the work from Accent Group, their Chief Digital Officer Mark Teperson, and his team; they have been able to eliminate the division between physical and online stores. By converting each retail store into a ‘warehouse’, it is now possible to bring ‘Ship from Store’ to customers, dramatically decreasing shipping times. Accent Group are currently working towards 3 hour delivery for customers.

“MagentoLive Australia was an eye opener, and an excellent presentation of the overall state of the eCommerce sector - not just from a developer’s perspective, but also from a business standpoint. It introduced me to many new ideas and concepts that I will take onboard and use for future projects and pass onto the rest of the team at Traff1k D1g1tal. Magento is committed to pushing the industry forward, and blurring the lines between online and in-store experiences.”

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