Integrate Digital and Offline Strategy – Signage

11 October, 2015    |    Digital Strategy    |    Traff1k D1g1tal



Investing in signage is necessary for any business, small or large. Used to communicate your brand with a personal feel, signs are often the first visual touch point your clients see offline. 

Today, in a world full of clouded, cluttered signage it’s essential that you successfully integrate signage into your digital strategy to direct your clients to where it counts – your digital platforms. 

Including a digital call to action is the most important part of your signage strategy. If you don’t ask your audience to take action, you’ll never know if your messages are working. Signage results have to be obvious and measurable. At Traff1k D1g1tal we use creative design to command consumer attention, then we closely monitor results to ensure we know how many of your consumers have read and understood your message. The following interactions are actionable and measurable;


QR Codes: A simple scan of a QR code can bring the consumer to exactly where you want them. Every scan interaction is measured to determine effectiveness.




URLs: The call to action can encourage the user to go to a particular URL. Therefore, any visitor to that site can be measured.




Social Media: Engage and direct your consumers in your social media platforms.




Contact numbers: The call to action urges the consumers to call a specific number for more information. Each call can be measured. 


Integrating all of your marketing efforts together can achieve something truly outstanding. Is it time for you to start expanding the reach of your digital strategy? If the answers yes, we would love to catch-up.