Integrated Digital Campaigns

30 April, 2015    |    Digital Strategy    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

There seems to be a misconception that integrated digital marketing is just a phase, when in fact it is an evolution in marketing.  Sure, one-off ad campaigns still exist, but they fail to provide the ROI that an unstoppable digital campaign is capable of! 

When we create integrated digital campaigns for our clients, we carefully synergize all of our marketing efforts across each medium. In doing so, we allow each digital channel to complement another, strengthening your message. 

So what exactly are the successful components of an integrated digital campaign? Below we have highlighted a few fundamentals in a client case study: 

Universal Homes – Kiwi Kids Scholarship

We are currently running an integrated digital campaign for our client,Universal Homes. The simple, yet rewarding campaign looks at building local communities through offering scholarships to 5 lucky Kiwi Kids. 

Central Metric – We created one central piece of content, the Kiwi Kids application page. Then we shared it across various channels both online & offline.

Consistency – The simplicity of Universals message & the scholarship incentive allowed us to create marketing collateral for print advertising, video, email, social media, Search Engine Marketing, display advertising and newspaper articles. Each channel shared a consistent message, directing people to the Kiwi Kids landing page & the application form. 

Continuity – Every Universal website & any communications were supplemented with the campaign branding and message. Once again, the simple message and the use of the Kiwi Kid’s microsite for communications remained consistent on style, message and desired action.

Complimentary – Our use of social media as a ‘hub and amplifier’ was integrated with online entries to allow interactions where customers could talk about their participation.

Effectiveness – Although the campaign is only half way through its shelf life, Universal Homes has already seen a record high hit rate for the month. The integrations have demonstrated the successful interdependency between digital channels, growing Universals online visibility rapidly!

With so many channels to choose from, maintaining consistency of your brand is more difficult and more crucial than ever. That’s were we come in. Traff1k are the experts at using digital tools to bring your promotions to life!