I Love Pizza

9 June, 2020    |    All News    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

If there is anything in life that is easy to be passionate about, it’s pizza! The team behind I Love Pizza are passionate about their pizza’s and now the team at Traff1k are too, so much so that an I Love Pizza box is now a regular fixture at the Traff1k office!

I Love Pizza wanted to bring something a little different to the table by offering a range of unique flavours to complement their traditional offering including a delectable selection of South American flavours to tempt your taste buds.

I Love Pizza partnered with Traff1k D1g1tal to increase their online presence and boost orders, be it in store, via phone or online, and given the results from the first month it is fair to say that the partnership is working well, with sales up significantly. For the period of April 2020 v May 2020, I Love Pizza saw an average increase in call volume of 44.72% and an average increase of 25.30% in website visits - the result being, a lot more pizzas flying out the door!

Boasting 9 locations across greater Sydney, this team of pizza afficionado’s have firmly positioned themselves as a force in a highly competitive market, and their partnership with Traff1k looks only to enhance that further. Operating 7 days a week and offering delivery, pick up, and dine-in options, I Love Pizza also cater for functions and could do so on short notice.

As I Love Pizza continue to grow their operations and locations, Traff1k are very excited to be partnered with them going forward. Check out our new favourite lunch spot here