30 April, 2015    |    Social Media    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

The importance of hash tags - how they are being used & advice on how to use them!

What is a hash tag?

For those that don’t know - the use of hash tags within social platforms is simply a way to index a collection of content by multiple sources to allow persons to view & engage with a particular topic.

How are hash tags being used at the moment?

On social platforms like Facebook we are tending to see more & more brands, industry & celebrity’s taking advantage of hash tags.

Some examples of this are in the real estate market where by the amount of content on hash tags such as #RealEstate has had significant increases over the last few months.
This can be put down to many things. When we investigate further, we find that when hash tags were launched on Facebook, the ‘Harcourts’ international brand were made aware of how they should be capitalizing on this new feature. Harcourts completely dominated all hash tags that related to real estate within the Facebook platform. Only now we are starting to see other brands pop up within this hash tag in their news feeds.

In addition to real estate we are starting to see a rise in the use of hash tags relating to TV shows! The reason for this is simple but effective; by making your viewership aware that they can engage with an online conversation, in real time, on a subject they enjoy, is providing viewers with additional of information, source and commentary.  The audience can also view all the conversation surrounding the same topic in one place and join the conversation!

How do you decide on what hash tag your brand or industry should use?

Generic hash tags:

Where you are one of many in an industry like real estate, it’s important to still use hash tags that identify your industry – but at the same time including your overall brand like #Harcourts. By doing this you cover yourself on the basics that someone is looking at the Harcourts hash tag opposed to Real Estate.

Starting your own hash tag:

When choosing your own hash tag, for some it’s a given on what it should be. An example of this is TV shows #MasterChefNZ - #SevenSharp and so on. But for some industries, it’s slightly harder. When picking a hash tag for an event or for an overall brand you need to ask yourself the following questions:

What are we known as to the public?
What conversation will we see on the hash tag?
Do I want to be unique?
Is there enough interest in my subject to be unique?     
By looking at my hash tag, can it relate it to my brand?

What is the future for hash tags?

It’s my opinion that social platforms will soon give their database the ability to like or follow hash tag subjects, thus giving persons the ability to view topics directly in news feeds as opposed to having to search for content. If you are still unsure whether your band company should have a hash tag, contact me for a consultation.