Google Trusted Stores

15 March, 2016    |    E-commerce    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

There is no denying that shopping makes us feel good. Scientists have even proven it releases certain chemicals that boost our mood, making us feel better. Understandably, buyers feel their best and are likely to spend more money, on your E-commerce site, when they feel safe and confident in your customer service ability. The Google Trusted Store badge could provide your customers with that assurance - and now the process of becoming a Google Trusted Store is even easier!

According to the all mighty Google, for a website to have the Trusted Store badge on its site you must “offer a consistently great shopping experience”.

Google Trusted Stores are direct endorsement from Google. The Store badge offers credibility for first-time customers and smaller brands. The biggest benefit of all is, it’s FREE! However, only stores who meet certain performance standards, set forth by Google, are eligible to display the badge on their sites. The requirements are reasonably basic and help ensure customer trust.

The trusted store tick can be displayed on: your website, ad banners, Google AdWords and Google Reviews. Again, it all comes down to credibility. Letting potential shoppers know that your site is trustworthy is necessary in today’s online world, where the options are endless. During the onsite shopping experience having a store badge not only boosts credibility, but helps to improve ad click-thru-rates (CTRs) through the seller ratings and review extensions.

Also of note is that merchants are offered free purchase protection on orders up to $1,000. Again, with the credibility thing. With the process easier than ever, all merchants who meet requirements should apply and cash in on the Google name.

Currently Google Trusted Stores are only available in the Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, we suspect it won’t be long, perhaps not even a year, before the Google Trusted Stores badge becomes universal, and you must have one simply because you cannot be the only one without one.

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