Google To Stop Showing Ads On Right Side Of Desktop Search Results Worldwide

22 February, 2016    |    SEO    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

Google will no longer show ads to the right of its search results, with two exceptions.

Google is rolling out a dramatic change that removes ads from the right side of its desktop search results, and places ads only at the top and/or bottom of the page. At the same time, the company says it may show an additional ad — four, not three — above the search results for what it calls “highly commercial queries.”

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that the change is now rolling out to all searches in all languages worldwide. Ads will not appear on the right side of desktop search results, with two exceptions:

  1. Product Listing Ad (PLA) boxes, which show either above or to the right of search results ads in the Knowledge Panel.
  2. The additional fourth ad that may show above the search results will only show up for highly commercial queries, according to Google’s official statement on the change.

To clarify, the elimination of right-side ads impacts all desktop searches worldwide; the addition of the fourth ad above search results will happen for “highly commercial queries.” This would involve searches like “hotels in New York City” or “car insurance” and the like.

The removal of all right-side ads obviously makes the desktop and mobile search results more similar. On mobile, though, Google typically shows either two or three ads at the top of the search results.

If your business is running a Google Adwords/Pay Per Click campaign, now many be a good time to review your strategy going forward, to ensure you are getting the best return on investment possible.