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5 December, 2017    |    SEO    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

We believe that a well-constructed Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing approach is the key to your online success. Here are just three key ways SEO offers an immense value to any organisation in any industry, and why an agency is your best bet to get the job done correctly.  

Being a successful SEO professional requires knowing more than ever before. Constant changes made by Google on a daily basis and understanding what these changes to the algorithm are, requires an in-depth knowledge of how to use this information to better position websites to perform in organic search. It is a full-time job where you have to be flexible and constantly adjusting your strategy. 

SEO is more than just looking for high volume keywords and link building. SEO professionals must understand and dive deeper into internal discussions about how to improve the overall user experience using new technologies that Google want webmasters to adapt. Google is constantly evolving to align better with user behavior. As Google changes their approach, it forces those of us who work in this space to also change and adapt. This is where SEO offers immense value to any organisation. SEO professionals are always aware of the latest technologies and trends.

SEOs offer insights and ideas on how to take advantage and implement these new technologies to rank better in search results. Having SEO means you have a team who is always thinking about how to improve the user experience of the site to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Technical SEO also helps support your UX, development and engineering teams.

SEOs understand that in order to have sustainable success in organic search they must work with developers, designers, and engineers to create a solid foundation for the website before they can even think about creating content. This means putting more emphasis on site performance in page speed, advocating for a mobile first experience, and figuring out how to structure all the data on their web pages.

In addition to helping with the technical side, SEO is also a marketing channel. Having success in the organic search channel requires a strong understanding of how Google’s algorithms work to understand the content on a website.

SEOs must both understand their target audience and create content that helps distinguish them from every other brand. This is actually a tall order considering that every website right now produces content, and only a handful of websites will get traffic for any query. Having a team who knows how to pull in visitors from the most visited site in the world – Google – is a valuable asset. SEO professionals understand what content is being searched for and – with the right tools – knows exactly where to focus their effort based on keyword research.

Creating a content strategy based on keywords focused on a businesses’ specific vertical allows the business to appear as an industry expert. When a business appears enough times in person’s search results it will be seen as a trustworthy source of information and that enhances the brand image creating loyal customers. The importance of being the first point of exposure, getting the first opportunity to answer a potential customer’s questions is incredibly valuable.

If the searcher enjoyed the experience of your website and enjoyed the content you were able to deliver from the first interaction, it is more likely they will look to your website again to consume more content. The repeat visits will also affect the user’s personalised search results.

SEOs understand the difficulty and the joy of ranking number 1 for any query.

Ranking high for any keyword with known search volume will generate consistent traffic for as long as it can retain that position. Actually ranking for these keywords is hard. It requires a lot of work. As well as short tail, it’s also important to consider long-tail keywords. You can find opportunities others have missed to deliver a steady stream of traffic to your clients for a longer period of time while dealing with less competition. Targeting long-tail keywords require a solid understanding of how to create engaging content.

You can’t pay Google to rank your page higher in organic search, so success isn’t based on the amount of money you put in. So, being able to have success requires a team who possesses a lot of skill and understanding on how to communicate with Google’s algorithm. There is a big learning curve for SEO and as Google changes it seems that whoever is first to adapt will also be the person who will help their business gain new customers before anyone else.

SEO offers every organisation immense value because it requires a complete understanding of that organisation’s business vertical, their customers and the organisation’s internal teams. SEO professionals can attach ROI to new technology initiatives proposed by development teams.

Organic search can be the first point of contact for a customer and a brand. This first point of contact can ignite further engagement for other channels such as following a social media channel or signing up for an email newsletter.

A channel that is constantly changing means a channel that is also constantly offering new opportunities to succeed before anyone else. This constant influx of change requires constant attention and a knowledgeable team to retain and to grow the existing organic search channel.

SEO isn’t an easy feat to implement or execute well. There is a lot more work conducted behind the scenes then simply bidding on keywords to raise your ranking in Google. The team at Traff1k D1g1tal have the knowledge, experience, capabilities and proven track record to digitally transform your business. Through creating long term digital partnerships, we are able to provide a sustainable competitive edge across all aspects of your digital landscape. 

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Source: Search Engine Journal