Facebook’s policy on pseudonym profiles

30 April, 2015    |    Social Media    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

Facebook is requiring many users to use their legal names, which users who may use pseudonyms on the social network for various reasons, along with others such as transgender people could be harmed, claimed by LGBT activist group from San Francisco.

The Social Networks users who have pseudonyms, chosen names, stage names along with other names which do not reflect their legal identification have reportedly been forced to disclose their legitimate names on personal profiles otherwise consequently face having them closed down.

Activists in opposition to the policy state that the plan affects a wider community who for one reason or another, choose not to use their given names.

A personal security issue has arisen as Facebook should do what they need to do to protect users. As yet, the social media network has said the policy is not a new one and is purely intended to confirm the authenticity of profiles.

People have an alternative on Facebook if they want an alias profile they can create a Page specifically for that alternative persona

The policy affects a wider demographic outside of LGBT communities, such as teachers and police officers who would use the social network to communicate, but for privacy and safety reasons choose not display their legal names.

Article: Ben O'Brien - Traff1k Business Developer & Client Account Manager