Do You Need a Search Engine Marketing Audit?

16 September, 2015    |    SEO    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

So, you have a website.  You are doing Search Engine Marketing.  But, is it working?  Are there any opportunities available to you that will generate a better return on your investment?

To find out, evaluate your website’s Search Engine friendliness and performance with an SEO/SEM Audit.

What is a Search Engine Marketing Audit?

SEO/SEM Audits contain both an on-page and off-page analysis - you gain a general understanding of your share of the on-line market, while identifying how well your website is optimised to obtain additional traffic.  

Ultimately, an audit will;

  • Clearly show how well or not, your website is performing, along with what needs to be fixed in order to increase it's on-line visibility.
  • Show how you rank in Google VS your competitors.
  • Outline key opportunities available to you, such as gaining more traffic to your website.

Example of Benefits

We recently met with the Australian branch of a large international firm.  Already working with an existing Search Engine Marketing firm, an Audit was performed in order to see what additional opportunities existed.

Our Audit found key issues with the website and how the website was being indexed by Google.  The Audit identified that if the website issues were addressed and the marketing turbocharged, with the same budget, the client could gain an additional 70% traffic.

Technical Details

All technical details were outlined in the 150 page audit. The audit included analysis of current market share, high-level comparison with their top 10 competitors, off-page (inbound link) analysis, on-page factors affecting site performance, a roadmap for short and long term marketing strategies and key performance indicators to benchmark SEO performance.

Are you ready to gain a greater Search Engine Market share?  An Audit is no obligation service and can provide you with fantastic on-line revenue opportunities.

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