Case Study: CBM - Creating a stronger user experience

29 August, 2018    |    Digital Strategy    |    Traff1k D1g1tal

CBM is an international Christian organisation whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest people with disabilities and those at risk of disability, who live in the most disadvantaged societies.

Traff1k D1g1tal was engaged to do the following:

  • Increase donation conversion
  • Design a brand new website
  • Develop and launch the website as mobile responsive
  • Carry out ongoing Search Engine Marketing
  • Implement a Social Media Strategy

Like with all of our clients, before starting any of our digital work, we carried out our initial research. Their website needed to immediately connect with their target audience, prompt empathy and encourage donations. In order to establish this, we incorporated a video on the homepage, multiple call to action buttons and an overall stronger user experience. To make the donation process easy we developed a full e-commerce website which integrated with their bank account via DPS.

For the design concept we wanted a clean, fresh, and engaging brand compliment design. A video on the home page allowed for association and connection through relevant imagery.

What was our strategy for this? It went as follows:

  • Value – Improved value propositions and more prominent call to action buttons
  • E-Commerce – Full e-commerce Joomla Content Management System
  • Donations – Integration with DPS
  • Mobile Compatibility – iPhone, Android, iPad and Tablet, both horizontal and vertical
  • Website optimisation – to increase Google rankings
  • Search Engine Marketing – SEM campaign
  • Social Media – In-depth Social Media engagement – emergency and response

So what did we achieve with all this? Results as follows:

  • Website users +557%
  • Social Media Likes & Followers +39%
  • Google Visibility Increase +29%
  • Website Goal Conversion 49%
  • First Place Google Rankings 67
  • Increase in Donation Value +300,000%

CBM have unsurprisingly been more than happy with these results and we would love to be able to help drive your business growth.