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With the use of Social Media, marketing has become a two way street. Your customers not only want to talk about what they like about your brand and find out more about your latest products and features, but they also want to tell you and their friends what they think and what can be improved, changed or removed. Social Media offers your customers the opportunity of a more personal relationship with your company and to be listened to and heard, not just marketed to.

To be effective, Social Media Marketing requires a fresh, innovative, customer-focussed approach that complements and supports your overall digital marketing strategy. Traff1k D1g1tal has a proven track record in making your Social Media initiatives highly relevant to your target market. We ensure that your Social Media fan base grows from day one and outstrips the competition.

How social media helps your business

Get found. Get more business

Website traffic from Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be as large as from Google when employed correctly. Traff1k D1g1tal ensures that more people engage with your brand and come to your website, by gaining visibility and claiming market share through these important channels.

Stronger brand awareness

Social Media Marketing can have a deeper, more personal reach than traditional marketing and advertising techniques because it technologically mimics the strength of word-of- mouth referral.

Higher ROI

Social Media has a lower average cost to acquire a new customer than traditional marketing and advertising techniques.

Analyse & react faster

Social Media is fast and fully measurable through the use of analytics tools that are independent of Traff1k D1g1tal, and are completely transparent. Social Media ROI can be determined with the click of a mouse.